Arcade Town Privacy Policy

Although arcade games may seem like things of the past, we at Arcade Town know that this is not the case. This industry is still evolving and becoming broader and broader by the second and we are committed to helping our readers to the full extent of our capabilities and effort. To ensure this, we may get some information from our users through cookies and other ways that will surely be fully disclosed to users.

For cookies, your visits to the site would be used by the brand, for the purpose of purely improving your experience for your next visit. You do not have to worry as this function is something that you'll have control over as you can simply turn it off on your browser but, know that this comes with the caveat that you wouldn't be able to use the site's full features. Other information that we gather from you includes information you provide through emails you may send us while contacting us but, rest assured that we handle our readers' information with full confidentiality and top security in mind.