Arcade Scratch Card Games

Most online casinos provide a variety of arcade scratch card games in addition to the standard table games and arcade slot machines on offer. These include arcade scratch cards, bingo, and keno. If you haven't tried your luck at arcade scratch cards, then we highly recommend giving them a chance as they are both rewarding and entertaining casino arcade games.

Just like traditional scratch cards, their online counterparts will allow you to win instant rewards based on what is revealed under the surface you are scratching. The main objective of arcade scratch cards is to display a certain combination of symbols which can lead to some lucrative rewards, depending on the type of scratch card game you are playing.

Scratch cards are extremely popular as they are both affordable and as easy to play as arcade slot machines and provide the opportunity to win large sums of money with minimal effort or cost from your end. In this article, we are going to explore the different types of online casino arcade games and scratch cards, look at how scratch card games are played, discover where scratch card games can be enjoyed, and offer useful tips and strategies for scratch card games to increase your chances of winning.

Types of Online Scratch Card Games

Online casinos offer a wide range of different arcade slot machines and scratch card games, each providing enhanced animations, graphics, and sound effects to make the game more appealing to players. In addition, they also offer unique themes and various return to player percentages that can lead to more winning opportunities. It's for this reason that we decided to include the top 10 casino scratch cards games that provide the unique themes and the highest return to player ratios to ensure you have a memorable experience when playing online scratch card games. Here are examples of 5 popular arcade scratch card games found at online casinos:

1. Hand to Hand Combat: Based on a game of Rock Paper Scissors, you will find your hand on the left column, while your opponent's hand will be on the right. You will receive 5 chances to win by revealing both your hand and your opponent's hand by simply scratching the panels. The game provides an RTP of 96.75%, making it one of the best casino arcade games and scratch cards available online.

2.Space Evader Gold: With an alien theme, this is more a board game than a scratch card game, but this casino arcade game still provides loads of entertainment. There are 10 jackpots up for grabs along the trail and you have a total of 6 rolls to advance up the ladder. The game also features a turbo mode to speed up your gameplay along with an RTP of 96.66%.

3. Six Shooter Looter: With a cowboy theme, this scratch card game is very similar to Space Evader Gold where you move along a trail to unlock rewards. However, instead of spinning a numbered reel you will spin the chamber of a gun which will provide the number of positions you can use to move around. The game comes with an RTP of 96.66% along with a generous jackpot up for grabs.

4. Crypt Crusade Gold: This is another board game like the two mentioned above with a fantastic Egyptian theme. The objective of the game is to reach the hidden treasure chest by spinning the numbered wheel up to a maximum of 8 times. Each spin will determine how many spaces your character advances on the trail and comes with an RTP of 96.66%.

5. Lucky Numbers: This scratch card game provides a unique Chinese theme based on the lucky number 8. It also comes with two separate casino arcade games, allowing you to match symbols to receive a multiplier value and hit a giant gong in the second game to hopefully reveal the number 8 for a massive cash prize. It also boasts an exceptional RTP of 69.57%.

How to Play Scratch Card Games

Just like other casino arcade games, you simply need to choose an arcade scratch card game with a theme that appeals to you the most from the wide selection on offer. Once the scratch card game has loaded, you will first need to decide how much you a going to wager on each round and thereafter select to play a brand-new card.

The new arcade scratch card game will feature silver panels that you can either scratch manually with your mouse cursor or simply click on the reveal button to reveal all silver panels at the same time. Most scratch cards will require you to match three of the same symbols to claim a prize, while others will be based on a trail game where you will either need to spin a wheel or roll a dice to advance through the game and unlock various prizes. Scratch cards are in fact similar to arcade slot machines in that neither are complicated to play.

Where to Play Scratch Card Games

Online arcade scratch card games have exploded in popularity in recent years and are widely available at almost every online casino establishment these days. They are usually located within the arcade/speciality section of online casinos and can be accessed on your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device, regardless of the operating system.

Online arcade scratch card games on a mobile platform are very similar to their desktop counterparts but will feature a slightly different button layout and interface to accommodate the smaller screen size. The potential to win massive jackpots and instant cash prizes are the same as the desktop versions and include the same return to player ratio.

Tips and Strategies for Scratch Card Games

Although a scratch card game is essentially a game of luck, there are certain ways for you to improve your chances of winning. The vast range of casino arcade games is mind-boggling to say the least, offering different prizes, prices, and designs. One of the most important tips we can offer is to pay close attention to the return to player (RTP) percentage as this will give you a better chance of winning in the long-term.

Once you found an arcade scratch card game with a decent RTP, you will need to determine how much you are willing to spend on each round. Always remember that the more expensive a scratch card is, the higher the cash prize will be. Players often make the mistake by looking at cheaper scratch card games as they can play more of them. However, the prize money isn't very attractive and therefore we highly suggest playing more expensive scratch card games as quality over quantity is especially true when playing these types of casino arcade games.

With the wide range of arcade scratch card games at your disposal, it's also extremely beneficial to look for an online casino where these scratch card games and other arcade slot machines are free-to-play. This will give you the perfect opportunity to study the game and see how the game works before you spend your own money on the game.