Where to play Arcade Games

In one form or another, arcade games have existed for nearly a century. Coin-operated machines were initially introduced during the 1920's, and although they only offered simplistic things like playing music or telling your fortune, they paved the way for some of the most extraordinary experiences you could have for a quarter.

Of course, when you think about arcade machines today, you can't help but think of video arcade games. For several years, the most creative and innovative entertainment machines were video arcade games and while public arcade game stores have drastically declined in recent years, there are still plenty of land-based venues around the world to satisfy your needs. If, however, you prefer to gamble from home, we have the best online casino from the USA that apart from nostalgic games offers its players all sorts of casino games that can be enjoyed free of charge by using various bonuses.

In this article, we discover the coolest arcade venues still in operation to this day, explore the vast world of video arcade games in the online gaming environment, and walk you through the various arcade games you will encounter when visiting most online casino establishments.

Arcades Around the World

Pac-Man and Pinball are mainstays when it comes to pop culture, but that doesn't mean you'll find an authentic arcade very easily to enjoy them. Not every city around the world is like Tokyo where you'll find an almost endless supply of arcades. However, that doesn't mean that arcades are non-existent as there are still plenty of venues across the globe. From a six-story warehouse situated in Tokyo to a theme park in Dubai, here are the coolest arcades you can still visit today to satisfy your vintage 8-bit needs:

Club Sega

Sega, the multinational video game publisher and developer, owns several arcades around the world, but the one in the Akihabara district of Tokyo, Japan is by far the largest. Club Sega features six floors filled with arcade games, including classics such as Virtua Fighter and Tekken.


Situated in Laconia, New Hampshire, Funstop was named the largest arcade in the world by the Guinness World Records in 2008. It literally has hundreds of arcade games, ranging from Skee-Ball to Pac-Man and is dedicated to preserving as many classic arcade games as possible for fans around the world.

Pinball Hall of Fame

Pinball Hall of Fame opened its doors in 2009 and takes its title extremely seriously. Located in Las Vegas, this pinball heaven has acquired several pinball machines from the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and beyond. This Vegas attraction currently boasts with more than 150 different pinball machines as well as other arcade classics from the past.


Barcade aims to provide two things in abundance, classic video games and delicious draft beer. The first Barcade opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2004, but there are now three other locations situated in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.


Joypolis is more than just a simple arcade, it's a theme park. Situated in Tokyo, Japan, Joypolis offers a wide range of entertaining activities, ranging from an indoor rollercoaster to bumper cars, as well as a variety of unique arcade games.

A Button

Not all arcades need to be enormous, as evident by the tiny A button situated in Tokyo. The walls are decorated in vintage d├ęcor and houses quite a few classic arcade games as well as old school gaming consoles that you can still play to this day.


The 1up boasts with two locations in Colorado and offers several sets of Giant Jenga, three lanes of skee-ball, 16 pinball machines, and 45 arcade games. It also serves food, beer, and music from a vintage jukebox.

Ground Control

Situated in the Chinatown neighbourhood of Portland, this barcade offers an exceptional Tron-like atmosphere with speakers blaring heavy metal as users can indulge in a wide range of vintage arcade games. Players can also enjoy a variety of pinball machines, ranging from The Lord of the Rings to the Adams Family.

The Heart of Gaming

The Heart of Gaming, commonly known as the HOG, is situated in London, England and allows gamers to enjoy overnight sessions with hundreds of arcade games, including Street Fighter II. The HOG also offers several monthly events to see who can get the highest score in Street Fighter III.

Sega Republic

Dubai is known for having the biggest mall and the tallest building, but did you know they also offer a gigantic arcade? The Sega Republic is home to more than 250 different arcade games in its flashy and spacious indoor theme park. It provides various themed zones, 9 major rides, and 2 levels of gaming madness.

Arcade Games Online

For those that aren't situated near an arcade game store can still experience the thrill and excitement of classic arcade games by simply going online. There are literally hundreds of arcade games websites that offer the same classics such as Street Fighter II, Donkey Kong, and Pac-Man. What's even more impressive is that you'll find a much bigger variety of online arcade games than any land-based venue around the world. With some sites providing over 1,000 arcade games in multiple categories, you'll have a difficult time choosing an arcade game to enjoy.

Arcade Games at Online Casinos

It should come as no surprise that arcade games also made their way into the online gambling world and are available at various online casinos. Those interested in playing for real money, while enjoying an arcade-style game, can do so by simply registering with an online casino. Players can enjoy a plethora of casino-themed arcade games, such as arcade slots and arcade scratch cards to mention a few.